CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 6 | Ep. 2: “Cheer Up”

17-Mar, 2020
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TK tries to pick up where he left off in Attaway, Rhyme makes a new friend on the cheer squad, and Astrid feels more at home than ever among the Chicken Girls.
Rhyme and her friends - known by their 'ship name, "The Chicken Girls" - have been dancing together forever. But as they enter high school, everything begins to change. They’ll have to survive boy drama, mean girls, and new interests that threaten to tear the girls apart.
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CHICKEN GIRLS | Season 6 | Ep. 2: “Cheer Up”

  • hope everyone is staying safe!! what was your favorite part of today's episode?

    Brat TVBrat TV7 oy oldin
    • Brat TV hi!!! Um isn’t it obvious..? THE NEWEST CHICKEN GIRL WHOOP WHOOP!!!

      Jilly_ GamesJilly_ Games17 kun oldin
    • I hope I can meet one of you guys

      Jo IykeJo Iyke23 kun oldin
    • And I'm so safe

      Jo IykeJo Iyke23 kun oldin
    • I love your episodes episodes

      Jo IykeJo Iyke23 kun oldin
  • TK your finally backkk u have been missing out on alot 😎😎

    Customer Fb12Customer Fb1216 soat oldin
  • Tk has a girlfriend and he is jealous of rhyme that shook me lol

    T̷h̷e̷P̷a̷s̷t̷e̷l̷R̷o̷s̷e̷T̷h̷e̷P̷a̷s̷t̷e̷l̷R̷o̷s̷e̷3 kun oldin
  • do you miss Tk are you ever going to get with him that he back

    jesus fariasjesus farias3 kun oldin
  • flash scares me

    Tshepiso PhihlelaTshepiso Phihlela3 kun oldin
  • Kesley!

    Kate LouisKate Louis4 kun oldin
  • ok girl don't make evryone jellos

    Jaileighanna BardonJaileighanna Bardon6 kun oldin
  • Somebody from the Leroys

    Aislyn ClintonAislyn Clinton6 kun oldin
  • Why is it that when Ellie was in the bs her name was brook when her real name is broke butler

    Miley DanceMiley Dance6 kun oldin
  • Who’s new girl tommy

    Niya’s WorldNiya’s World7 kun oldin
  • They just left Kayla hot ham and estra So no bracelets we doing necklaces dang chicken girls just changed and now they replaced Kayla

    Niya’s WorldNiya’s World7 kun oldin
  • First it’s a dance team now we cheering yeah dat da new chicken girl yay

    Niya’s WorldNiya’s World7 kun oldin
  • Flash went through big purity

    Chris LewellynChris Lewellyn8 kun oldin
  • My favorite is cheer up

    Zaffar HassenZaffar Hassen11 kun oldin
    • I will keep watch this

      Zaffar HassenZaffar Hassen11 kun oldin
  • who know Avane was good at acting and makeup

    MAR ALRMAR ALR11 kun oldin
  • I am so happy that tk is back

    Emily RojasEmily Rojas11 kun oldin
  • what is up with flash's hair? no offense

    juan renjuan ren11 kun oldin
  • Nooooooooooooo why did they choose rhymes "cousin" to be in the gang

    Vivian AbutaVivian Abuta11 kun oldin
  • Love you chicken girls

    Ella AntonioElla Antonio12 kun oldin
  • Avani is just amazing 💗😍😘😄😘😍💗

    ananya srishaananya srisha13 kun oldin
  • no no no no no T.K you are not going to be all over rhyme and then go back to texas with your little girlfriend ok not going to happen

    Daniella KoenigDaniella Koenig13 kun oldin
  • oooooo i just realized that kesley from the leyroys is on the cheer team.

    Lilly OlivaresLilly Olivares13 kun oldin
  • They where sooooo cute when they were little

    Noodle NationNoodle Nation14 kun oldin
  • No no no no no no no no no no no TK can NOT have a GIRLFRIEND unless it's Rhyme😤😭😡🤬😫😱😨😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬

    Noodle NationNoodle Nation14 kun oldin
  • I love this whole seasons of Chicken girls so much

    Jazmin DominguezJazmin Dominguez14 kun oldin
  • i love this movie so much is there going to be a season 8

    Daveigh BarnesDaveigh Barnes14 kun oldin
  • There all grown up😖😖😖😖

    Ferdosa AhmedinFerdosa Ahmedin15 kun oldin
  • i DIED when Tk said “i know who you are” and just walked away

    DesspuittDesspuitt15 kun oldin
  • Can somebody explain the "B-E aggressive" joke to me? I really don't get it 🙄

    Michael ZimmermannMichael Zimmermann16 kun oldin
  • Wow Kesley is in this too?!?!

    Honor N.Honor N.16 kun oldin
  • Flash do like different

    Piper LabernePiper Laberne18 kun oldin
  • intresting!

    Juliet Dsane-SelbyJuliet Dsane-Selby18 kun oldin
  • I miss Monica Ace Tim Kayla Beatrice Like if you miss them too

    Arjun B2008Arjun B200820 kun oldin
  • Who else is just watching all the videos because they broke both there hands and fingers. Just me ok 🤦🏽‍♀️

    Dollar dollar Bill Came get herDollar dollar Bill Came get her20 kun oldin
  • meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Khudeja ChohanKhudeja Chohan21 kun oldin
  • I shift thyme tk and rhyme

    The Three monkeys lolThe Three monkeys lol21 kun oldin
  • WHERE’S WHATS HIS NAME..? UHHHHH THAT DUDE? he was in the friend group with T.K and football manager dude boy man dude boy yeah

    NightfallNightfall22 kun oldin
    • no not him.. OH YEAH CARSON

      NightfallNightfall16 kun oldin
    • I think its flash

      oofxnivoofxniv16 kun oldin

    NightfallNightfall22 kun oldin

    Alisha TateAlisha Tate22 kun oldin
  • First boyfriend she ever kept

    REN roblox QUEENREN roblox QUEEN23 kun oldin
  • Flash has a really long neck!!!

    Keegan MatthewsKeegan Matthews23 kun oldin
  • Wait......whoaa.......iam shook tk has a gf what..?

    dnsatyadnsatya24 kun oldin

    dnsatyadnsatya24 kun oldin
  • Like one time rhyme gets only good news and another time she only gets bad news why can't she have a normal life😂

    dnsatyadnsatya24 kun oldin
  • West: in west bye the way Tk:i know who you are Me: wow west got no name back from tk dang

    pony con:3pony con:324 kun oldin
  • tk name is thomas

    Allyson VazquezAllyson Vazquez24 kun oldin
  • i love ryeim stay safe guys

    Liana YorkLiana York24 kun oldin
  • Avani being the nerd doe😂😂

    Just_ yahyoohJust_ yahyooh24 kun oldin
  • Everyone when they saw TK's gf: Me when I saw TK's f2f: 😭😭😳😳😭😭

    Madhumita MohapatraMadhumita Mohapatra25 kun oldin
  • Nice hair Flash😂

    Lily EvansLily Evans25 kun oldin
  • Did anyone else notice that picture of rhyme in west locker

    Nicole de la CruzNicole de la Cruz25 kun oldin
  • And I love tk and rhyme

    Taryn BaackeTaryn Baacke26 kun oldin
  • I love chicken girls

    Taryn BaackeTaryn Baacke26 kun oldin
  • Can you upload more

    Taryn BaackeTaryn Baacke26 kun oldin
  • The T in T.K. stood for Thomas?

    Abby McCauleyAbby McCauley26 kun oldin
  • Teenage dream 😝

    Olivia MooreOlivia Moore26 kun oldin
  • its literally her job and she's mad like bro

    Cristina MercadoCristina Mercado27 kun oldin
  • Where is Kayla at

    Liliana MurenoLiliana Mureno27 kun oldin
  • We need KAYLA first editi and ace

    Rehanna RiosRehanna Rios27 kun oldin
  • Season6 marathon plss

    Kryzeldon ArboledaKryzeldon Arboleda27 kun oldin
  • Tbh i miss Kayla, Ace, Tim and yk the other people that are not here anymore TvT

    emma roseyemma rosey28 kun oldin
  • wait so is there gonna be no thyme

    brayton torresbrayton torres28 kun oldin
  • 7:24 - 7:26 OMG 😂 LOL

    Emilynn WonEmilynn Won28 kun oldin
  • Wouldn’t it be weird to have your friend serve you

    Leorah MellmanLeorah Mellman28 kun oldin
  • The fact that TK has a new gf got me so mad cause like bro noooo that should be Rhyme😭

    Sarai MezaSarai Meza28 kun oldin
  • Flash: Yo! Welcome back bro! TK: Yo. Flash: So, u back for good now? TK: Seems like it maybe yea. Me: HAHA. No no no no. u only got a few more episodes.... THEN MANI IS TAKING OVER. :) Just letting u know for future preferences :D

    Snuffle ÀJSnuffle ÀJ28 kun oldin
  • The only one I miss is Tim sharp

    Elana BenedictElana Benedict28 kun oldin
  • I can't believe Annie got to be in the presence of Avani

    Skylah RuitersSkylah Ruiters29 kun oldin
  • All of the chicken girls are dancers except for Astrid

    Sayma BegumSayma Begum29 kun oldin
  • Ugh can they get together please

    Karina GallegosKarina Gallegos29 kun oldin
  • This is the longest boyfriend rhyme has kept

    Goalie_Skillz_60Goalie_Skillz_6029 kun oldin
  • I didn’t know TK changed his name to THOMAS!?

    Keyara PeauvaleKeyara Peauvale29 kun oldin
  • Anyone else remember how this used to be about Dance and now it’s about boys and cheerleading 🤦🏽‍♀️😂

    Keyara PeauvaleKeyara Peauvale29 kun oldin
  • Who else misse's Rhyme and Tk being best friend's😞, cuz I do.😋

    Ella IshyaElla Ishya29 kun oldin
    • And woah Tk has a girlfriend😳

      Ella IshyaElla Ishya29 kun oldin
  • Bchdhjdjdhdudh day is the best day of the pday was the best for me haha is a great day to be a day toff is my day for you haha was a great time to go to the day care and get some rest for the weekend so I won’t get my nails done 💅 this week I will go get my nails and nails a little later and get my kid to go get my hair done 💁‍♂️ is a day for me to

    Carlei EllisCarlei EllisOy oldin
  • No one is talking about the pic of rhyme in Wes’ locker

    sun glowsun glowOy oldin
  • Who misses kayla

    David SmolowitzDavid SmolowitzOy oldin
  • Is that AVANI

    Doireann ByrneDoireann ByrneOy oldin
  • Tk is mad becuce rhyme has a boyfriend

    bella benjaminbella benjaminOy oldin
  • Omg who is watching this in 2020?because that cheerleader girl doesn't she look like Avani that tiktok star?! 😯😯😯

    Isabella NicholsonIsabella NicholsonOy oldin
  • I feel bad cuz TK is still using a old iphone lol

    Salma AlhashediSalma AlhashediOy oldin
  • is it just me or is Avani the cheer captin?

    Mattie Anderson-HardingMattie Anderson-HardingOy oldin
  • Tk girlfriend is ugly

    Taj EllisTaj EllisOy oldin
  • Did I see kesley

    Taj EllisTaj EllisOy oldin
  • Who is watching this bc they are bored in quarantine

    Talia SiderTalia SiderOy oldin
  • Kelsey Leroy!!!

    Kate JacksonKate JacksonOy oldin
  • 3:21... that aint flash tho...... why he say "thanks flash"?? or am i just deaf

    MelodyMelodyOy oldin
  • ABEG WHO IS THIS BABE TK HAS!!!! UGGGG THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOO ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    TaniOmg GamerTaniOmg GamerOy oldin
  • THE DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TaniOmg GamerTaniOmg GamerOy oldin
  • they all chaned voices

    Magical SistersMagical SistersOy oldin
  • imagine everyone doing this with a mask on

    Magical SistersMagical SistersOy oldin

    Gracie's showsGracie's showsOy oldin
  • What happened to the bracelets that the crown lake girl gave them

    Amelias artAmelias artOy oldin
  • Y nobody talking bout how avani is in this 🥺🥺🥺🥺

    Fereshta ALIFereshta ALIOy oldin
  • Me seeing avani 😶💕

    •Därk Mööñ& Dark Shâdôw•Därk Mööñ& Dark ShâdôwOy oldin

    Sanjana ChoudharySanjana ChoudharyOy oldin
  • Am I the only one who loves akuardness

    Oscar VegaOscar VegaOy oldin
  • I miss Kayla

    Krenare BrahaKrenare BrahaOy oldin
  • Alright guys n girls let's come to reality annie aka rhyme is actually dating Asher n i really think they make a cute, perfect couple

    safa __safa __Oy oldin
  • everybody just keeps bumping into each other at the perfect time

    alexia jeanalexia jeanOy oldin