MANI | Season 5 | Ep. 1: “We’re Not in Attaway Anymore”

19-Fev, 2020
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Harmony's not in Attaway anymore! A glitch forces Harmony to go to Millwood Middle School, where she meets a new group of friends... and foes.
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Mani has his work cut out for him as he tries to keep Harmony and her friends out of danger, while also ensuring they all have a great time. From field trips to evil candy factories to spending the summer at a camp run by a con man, there's no telling what kinds of adventures Harmony and her friends will go on next!
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MANI | Season 5 | Ep. 1: “We’re Not in Attaway Anymore”

  • So Tru and Harmonys rivalry started just because Harmony joined in on dancing?

    Nori the CatNori the Cat3 kun oldin
  • where,s sky

    Serenity HopkinsSerenity Hopkins6 kun oldin
  • Who else has been here since S1 Ep1?

    Camilla RamirezCamilla Ramirez10 kun oldin
  • Who else here is watching Mani during quaratine?

    Camilla RamirezCamilla Ramirez10 kun oldin
  • wheres sky/piper?

    tiffany buildstiffany builds12 kun oldin
    • She moved away

      why don't we Textswhy don't we Texts2 kun oldin
  • Harmony thats messedd up what you did to Sky, stole her crush.

    Sommer KnightSommer Knight12 kun oldin
  • I love mani

    Vanessa BatzVanessa Batz13 kun oldin
  • Wish skye was here

    Amy JohanssonAmy Johansson13 kun oldin
  • Txunamy is a horrible actor

    PicCollage MakerPicCollage Maker15 kun oldin
  • I couldn’t find the last episodes of mani

    Mareena CMareena C15 kun oldin
  • I rlly miss Sky/Piper bc she was my fav character

    April GirlApril Girl16 kun oldin
  • Why did harmony not just go home and tell her parents and then her parents will transfer schools

    Lillian SmithLillian Smith17 kun oldin
  • Txunamy: just watch a few rounds and you'll figure it out *rolls eyes and gives nasty look * harmony: :-(

    isabrianna jenkinsisabrianna jenkins18 kun oldin
  • Sky the prettyjes girl i love you piper your dad Piper weer is your dad your soooo cool

    Sam SamSam Sam21 kun oldin
  • Were is sky?

    crytal Gemscrytal Gems22 kun oldin
  • Watching this for the first time Is Edward and goth girl still here??

    xx_rxlxtexx_rxlxte22 kun oldin
  • So like what happened to the boys

    NBA 2K Masters FocarileNBA 2K Masters Focarile22 kun oldin
  • I miss Edward and goth girl the most😢 🖤

    Nadine IgnasNadine Ignas22 kun oldin
  • Lol they fr got the good luck Charlie girl

    keziah mombosikeziah mombosi22 kun oldin
  • harmony aka hayley looks sooo much like annie ak rhyme this episdode omg!

    Mia DaveyMia Davey23 kun oldin
  • i don liek how mani looks bruh if i would be in 2021 rn id say he still loks the same but still i don like how he looks like rn X.X

    Minsa ChohanMinsa Chohan25 kun oldin
  • Who else doesn’t like Marmony

    DAA HernandezDAA Hernandez26 kun oldin
  • Was it just me cringing when those girls were dancing or whatever that was

    Prathiksha PoojaryPrathiksha Poojary29 kun oldin
  • Tbh their dancing kinda sucks

    Banana ArtBanana ArtOy oldin
  • I like you Txunamy

    Amber NewmanAmber NewmanOy oldin
  • Bring back the og girls

    Sondang AgustilenaSondang AgustilenaOy oldin
  • Tsunami is so cute

    Rachel’s Frozen CoverRachel’s Frozen CoverOy oldin
  • Um are u kidding me This is MANI WERE IS PIPER ROCKELLE!?

  • I am exited

    Emma StahlEmma StahlOy oldin
  • Remover when the show was about piper Rockelle

    Riley SotomayorRiley SotomayorOy oldin
  • Wait what happened to sky/piper

    Alexia IgoAlexia IgoOy oldin
  • Txunamy is that you

    Breanna BrownBreanna BrownOy oldin
  • Poor harmony/hayley

    Valerie NievesValerie NievesOy oldin
  • I dont like true like if u don't comment I'd u do

    Salman SajjadSalman SajjadOy oldin
  • I have a strong dislike to that boi.

    ᔕTᗩᖇᖇYᗰOOᑎ シᔕTᗩᖇᖇYᗰOOᑎ シOy oldin
  • Gicovmx👍👍

    Jose GarciaJose GarciaOy oldin
  • Why is piper not in this one it wound be so mush better

    Kenzie CuteKenzie CuteOy oldin
  • bo you like hem

    Za'Kiyyah PeoplesZa'Kiyyah PeoplesOy oldin
  • Poor guy

    Jadore ThompsonJadore ThompsonOy oldin
  • I miss sky while Paige is there

    Jadore ThompsonJadore ThompsonOy oldin
  • Okay but like this kid a hella big psycho😳😳😳

    fivevsqfivevsqOy oldin
  • who's been here since S1 E1 i have like this if u had

    queen beequeen beeOy oldin
  • 🙋🙋🙋🙋

    mikaela tangmikaela tangOy oldin
  • When I heard him say that rhyme caught him chewing harmonies chewed-up gum I knew he was obsessing over her

    Fathiya MohamedFathiya MohamedOy oldin

    Lydia DemuindaLydia DemuindaOy oldin
  • No one’s talking about txuanmy

    Shreshta GunigantiShreshta GunigantiOy oldin
  • Yo the boy is creepy

    BloxburgGamerQueenBloxburgGamerQueenOy oldin
  • Where is piper though

    Weird FamilyWeird FamilyOy oldin
  • Why did piper leave mani

    Mingo PlayzMingo PlayzOy oldin
  • Who that girl at 4:00

    BTS BangtanBTS BangtanOy oldin
  • me: Watching My mom: DID YOU DO YOU HOMEWORK Me: yes now go away

    Victoria PrelichVictoria PrelichOy oldin
    • hello

      Victoria PrelichVictoria PrelichOy oldin
  • Who missed when piper acted in this 🥺

    Taylor PshybyshefskiTaylor PshybyshefskiOy oldin
  • Txanmy

    Karson528 YuenKarson528 YuenOy oldin
  • I miss mani season 1 and 2

    Lamar AhmedLamar AhmedOy oldin
  • OMG TSUNAMI ISIN THE ROW! i am a big fan!

  • Why did I not see corrinne in mani this whole time

  • Me

    Irene JimenezIrene JimenezOy oldin
  • Who realized that sky/piper is in a wig acting to be melvin 😂

    Kimoya NobleKimoya NobleOy oldin
    • @Gracie's Life girl look good

      Kimoya NobleKimoya NobleOy oldin
    • No she isnt

      Gracie's LifeGracie's LifeOy oldin
    • @Vk yes is a wig

      Kimoya NobleKimoya NobleOy oldin
    • What

      VkVkOy oldin
  • Where's sky? 🤨

    Seema VermaSeema VermaOy oldin
  • Txunamy it is txunamy

    Beena SamuelBeena SamuelOy oldin
  • Who else is here in 2020

    Lachae ThomasLachae ThomasOy oldin
    • Me

      Kimoya NobleKimoya NobleOy oldin
    • Layla & Karissa Me

  • .

    lolcxllolcxlOy oldin
  • Where is piper

    Yadira HouseYadira HouseOy oldin
    • Piper is melvin

      Kimoya NobleKimoya NobleOy oldin
  • Who is excited for Mani's return and I wish it comes next year to...

    Siddhi RameshSiddhi RameshOy oldin
  • That's mean she must go to her school

    Jada SmedleyJada SmedleyOy oldin
  • Who else touch this video to see txunamy??❣

    Jashan's WorldJashan's WorldOy oldin
  • Am like that boy

    gaming with Anthony Santamariagaming with Anthony SantamariaOy oldin
  • Harmony is haylee

    robloxfunrobloxfunOy oldin
  • who else thought the picture of harmony in a heart was creep or was it just me

    bock bock chickenbock bock chickenOy oldin
  • Camila diamond

    Annaya ZafarAnnaya ZafarOy oldin
  • Wow didn't u notic family diamond

    Annaya ZafarAnnaya ZafarOy oldin
  • When is sky going to be back

    Eric LewinEric LewinOy oldin
  • Isn't one of the girls Txunamy from Famillia Diamond?

    Siya DingankarSiya DingankarOy oldin
    • yup

      Emma WhitfieldEmma WhitfieldOy oldin
  • The dance part is cringy 🙄😋

    JennyJennyOy oldin
    • Rude

      Eudximoniia _Eudximoniia _Oy oldin
  • Lol Brittany's (Txunamy) has diamond in her last name just like her families UZworld channel famila diamond

    Spaghetti LyssSpaghetti LyssOy oldin
  • i love this show

  • melvin sound like a phscyo oop

    auvciliaauvciliaOy oldin
  • I hope piper or coco go to season 6

    Mateo PicadoMateo PicadoOy oldin
  • Melvin: chews harmonies gum Me:✨🅼🅴 🅶🅾︎🅸🅽🅶 🆃🅾︎ 🅱︎🅰︎🆁🅵 🅸🅽 🆃🅷🅴 🆃🅾︎🅸🅻🅴🆃✨

    Sunshine AngelsSunshine AngelsOy oldin
  • Skye moved and now harmony? That's it I'm done with Mani.

    Funimate TutorialsFunimate TutorialsOy oldin
  • Where is skye piper

    Amna SheikhAmna SheikhOy oldin
    • Amna Sheikh yea

      Funimate TutorialsFunimate TutorialsOy oldin
    • @Funimate Tutorials so mani leave her

      Amna SheikhAmna SheikhOy oldin
    • Amna Sheikh she moved

      Funimate TutorialsFunimate TutorialsOy oldin
  • Where is sky

    XxbeccaplaysXx 14XxbeccaplaysXx 14Oy oldin
    • XxbeccaplaysXx 14 she moved

      Funimate TutorialsFunimate TutorialsOy oldin
  • Omg 😂 their acting is better than Attaway General 🤣

    hi its mehi its meOy oldin
  • hi i love tihs epesode

    Ngsti WoldegebrielNgsti WoldegebrielOy oldin
  • I have I think because wit s 2020 and I’m nine so I don’t know

    Valery Plays RobloxValery Plays RobloxOy oldin
  • Is that tsunamy?

    Bunny lover MotBunny lover MotOy oldin
    • Bunny lover Mot yea

      Funimate TutorialsFunimate TutorialsOy oldin
  • Who else loves the LeBlanc Sisters and have watch chileno Girls and Mani and you love IT?

    Victor OrnelasVictor OrnelasOy oldin
  • Hi piper,sophie,and hailey

    Isabella PriceIsabella PriceOy oldin
  • 𝙸𝚜 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚝𝚡𝚜𝚞𝚗𝚊𝚖𝚢?

    Melrosia PlayzMelrosia PlayzOy oldin
    • Sxmmer yes

      Funimate TutorialsFunimate TutorialsOy oldin
  • is dat txunamy from familia diamond?

    divina matsuzakadivina matsuzakaOy oldin
  • Thats txunaomy from familia diamond

    Sarai CastilloSarai CastilloOy oldin
  • I want to know where is sky ??

    Ahmed JamalAhmed JamalOy oldin
  • Meeee

    Rolex The gamerRolex The gamerOy oldin
  • I have a ask is that txumany in first clip in familia diamond😅🤔

    korean stylekorean styleOy oldin
  • I love watching your videos

    Juan parraJuan parraOy oldin
  • One of them looks like tsunami 🙄

    adaeze jasmineadaeze jasmineOy oldin
  • I miss piper rockelle

  • Is that txunamy😬😮

    Charles RobinCharles RobinOy oldin

    Indiana SmedleyIndiana SmedleyOy oldin
  • Annie and Hayley are amazing Love both of them 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

    Reyna KothariReyna KothariOy oldin